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Welcome to gtwiki, the Digital Project Collective Intelligence Hub

Learn from your peers, enhance their knowledge, and contribute to the community.

Note! The GTWiki is currently undergoing maintenance. All GTWiki articles are locked. You will not be able to add or edit articles until the maintenance is completed. If you would like to create a new user account, contact Imtiyaz Shaikh via email at imti @ . Sorry for any inconvenience.


Service Pack 7.1 for Digital Project V1,R4 released

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This article explains how to install and use GSA space attributes in Digital Project

Need to export a several objects from one part into many and keep it live? This script will produce this functionality.

This old article and script has recently been revived and enhanced to split up any geometry. Users can split curves into sub-curves, surfaces into sub-surfaces, bodies into sub-surfaces and sub-solids, and Parts into sub-curves, sub-surfaces and sub-solids.

Optimization of several variable types in one formula.

Need to create a NURBS mesh from an STL file?

Quantity takeoff gives an estimate of the quantities from the DP model. This can be used for various purposes - initial pricing, bidding, cost impact of changes made to the model etc.

This article provides a tool that allows a user to select an Axis System and give the coordinates of points based on this axis.



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